dairy free greek style yogurt




32 oz homeade soy milk

1 c. raw cashews

3-4 casules vegan probiotic with thermopilus bacteria


A dairy free vegan version of Greek style yogurt featuring cashew and soy milk.


Make the milk either the same day or 1 day in advance.

Combine 32 oz milk and 1 c. cashews in a high power blender for 2 minutes on high.

Remove from the blender and place in heavy saucepan. Heat on medium gigh ehile constantly scraping the bottom the pan with a spatula that has a straight edge. When the mixture reaches 180 degrees f. remove from heat.

Allow to cool until 100-105 degrees. While cooling put glass jars ( I use old priano jars) filled with water in a food grade lexan sqare container. Add the sous vide heater and set the temp for 100 degrees. Remove water from jars and put in cooled yogurt micture. Ensure the glass containers are higher than the water bath! Add 1 capsule per jar, cover loosely and let fermentation to occur from 8 to 12 hours. Be sure to mix the capsule powder thouroulgy prior to fermentation process.

Once things are done place in fridge and close covers.