Will's Simulated Coffee




1 c. nutmilk

1 unit Flavor

1 tbsp coconut oil

dash salt

dash stevia (optional)

shake vigorously till frothy


Bring nutmilk to rolling boil but not superheated or overflowing. Steep 1 unit flavor (typically a tea bag) in nut milk liquid for 5 minutes. Add 1 Tbsp coconut oil and salt, stevia). Shake vigorously. Assuming this is done in a safety sealed mason jar (since things are hot you don’t want to get hit when you shake!). Optionally you can use a blender to make things combined.


Units can consist of roast aroma (bigelow), bengal spice, turmeric or other flavor of your choice.

Stevia is optional depending on the native sweetness of the flavoring. Salt is also optional depending on flavor profile desired.