Vegan Cultured Cream Cheese




425 g. raw cashews

130 g. rejuvelac

110g. melted refined coconut oil

1.4g salt, kosher or otherwise


a slight adaption of a recipe that I read in one of my cookbooks. I like to double it and to do everything in grams.


soak the cashews overnight with spring water. drain the cashews and put them into a food processor. melt and weigh the refined coconut oil. add into the food processor with the salt. process in the food processor, about 2 minutes until you have a fine paste.

invitamix add the reelvic and process on high speed until completely smooth. be sure that you do not process too much as if you overheat you will kill the culture. it should be a fine paste when you're done.

allowed to ferment in a clean container with a lid, cover and culture for 24 hours

pour into a cheese, mold and cover with Saran wrap. seal the container and chill for 24 hours before use.