Sourdough Starter



4 c. Reverse Osmosed (or chlorine free) water

1/2 c. ground buckwheat flour

1/4 Brown rice (ground) flour (optional)

1/2 c. corn starch

1/3 c. sugar


Make sure water is room temperature. Put in a glass or plastic container with a loose fitting lid. Add grains, stir. Let sit for a week, (covered) in a moderately cool place (68-75 degrees). When the ferment is done, it should smell mediciney without any green or orange, or pink stuff in it. It will be very pungent. I usually feed every 3-4 days until its good and bubbly. Can be stored in fridge as necessary. Can be tripled etc. Just add sugar, water, and flour when you use for starter. Be sure to leave at least a cup of the original.