Non-Slimy Oat Milk




1.5 C. Gluten free oats (I like Trader Joes)

2 1/2 tsp. Amalyase

1.7 Quarts clean water

1 tsp. sugar


A non-slimy oat milk with the magic of malaise makes oat milk non-slimy.


Soak the oats and water in a clean container in the fridge, combined with the amalase. Soak for 2 days

This will require 2 cycles of the soy joy:

1. When the soaking is done, put the mixture into the soy joy and choose 'raw juice'. Once this is done, run a 'grains' cycle to heat up the mixture. Alternatively you could use a single 'soy milk' recipe.

2. Put the mixture in a 100 micron straining bag, and filter out. This will ensure the mixture is free from silt whatnot.