LifePacker Macro Bowl




1 tbsp nut butter

2 tbsp ferment

2 tbsp flax seed meal

3 tbsp healthy liquid

1/2 lb thawed frozen greens

1/3 c. cooked grain

1/2 sheet seaweed sushi strips

1 medium colored vegetable chopped

2 garnishing vegetables


I recommend using a two cup sealable container for portability. The dollar store has some very nice containers.

Combine first four ingredients in bottom of bowl to form a unified slurry.

The night before make sure to take the frozen greens out of the freezer so you don't have to defrost the next morning. The greens form the next layer of the bowl. It is advisable to squeeze excess water from greens if they seem watery.

Layer the cooked grain on top of the greens, pressing to ensure it is well packed. Proceed with the seaweed strips, (forming new layers with each successive ingredient).

Put garninsning vegetables on bowl and close.


I find 2:1 ratio miso too salty. unsalted butter work best. I reverse nut butter ti miso ratio