Lemon Glazed Keto Donuts




Doughnut Ingredients:

1 cup almond flour (118 grams)

¼ cup ground pork rind (20 grams)

cup allulose (22 grams)

cup sorbitol (20 grams)

2 tsp IM FREE perfect baking powder (15 grams)

1 tsp IM FREE gluten replacement (1.5 grams)

2 eggs

¼ cup milk (60 grams)

¼ cup butter, melted (60 grams)

¼ tsp vanilla extract (1 gram)

Lemon Glaze Ingredients:

¼ cup allulose (44 grams)

¼ cup sorbitol (40 grams)

1 Tbsp Lemon Zest (6 grams)

1 Tbsp melted butter (15 grams)

2 tsp water (10 grams)


Piping Bag

Vacuum Sealer and Bags

Donut Molds

Pan Release

2 Medium Sized Mixing Bowls

Rubber Spatula


Prepare Pork Rinds

The day before vacuum seal the ground pork rinds with paper towels to remove excess grease.

If you do not have a vacuum sealer you can also put the ground rinds between paper towels and put a weight on top of paper towels overnight.

Create Donut Mixture

Preheat oven to 325°F.

In a small bowl combine 2 eggs, milk, melted butter and vanilla. Whisk and let wet ingredients come to room temperature to help with consistency of batter.

Combine almond flour, ground pork rind, allulose, sorbitol, IM FREE Baking Powder, and IM FREE Gluten Replacement and stir to combine.

Then pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Stir to combine.

Pour into Mold and Bake

In a greased donut mold, spoon in or pipe enough batter to just fill the molds to about half way. Do not fill the mold to the top as it will cause the donut to overflow the mold.

Piping the batter into the doughnut mold using a piping bag instead of the spooning method is preferred as it gives you more control and consistency when dispensing the batter.

Bake in a 325°F oven for 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let cool. If the donut is too hot it will melt the glaze.

Use this time to prepare the lemon glaze.

Create Glaze

In a bowl add lemon zest, allulose, sorbitol, melted butter and water. Put ingredients in the microwave for 45 seconds, remove, stir to combine and let cool.

Adding hot glaze to a donut will cause the glaze to seep into the donut instead of coating it.

Once the donut are cooked and rested, dip in glaze and enjoy!